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James (Jim) Jordan is an expert in converting consumer demographics, preferences, and purchasing habits into products and services for the healthcare and life sciences industry.

As President & CEO at StraTactic, he applies his 25 years of marketing, finance, and operational skills to assist businesses with acquisition analysis, market and technology assessment, product development, intellectual property, and go-to-market strategies that win commercialization battles.

Jim is a Distinguished Service Professor of Health Care and Biotechnology at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, the National Co-Chairman of

the BIO bootcamp, and the founder of the Healthcare Data Center. He has published numerous articles and books on innovation, startups, intellectual property, and health systems. Jim has not only been a senior executive for Fortune 20 companies but also seen the other side of things in startups and on boards – including leading a non-profit and profit venture capital firms where he worked with 493 companies and invested in 93 of them.

As an author, speaker, and consultant who works with hospitals, health systems, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, and health IT, he is an active industry expert looking for ways to improve the business of healthcare.

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Advance the promise of digital health with cybersecurity

  • Posted by Jim Jordan
  • On September 8, 2022
Technology advancements are often out of sync with the systems and policies that support them. Ramayya Krishnan, an expert in digital transformation and the Dean of Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, often shares this sentiment and stresses the importance of investment in accompanying policy and cybersecurity systems to support technologies so they […]
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Will cybersecurity issues delay our progress toward digital health?

  • Posted by Jim Jordan
  • On September 6, 2022
What is digital health? Digital health harvests data from inside and outside the health system to distill health status and promote wellness. Having the broadest view of a patient’s status, illnesses, and other health risks enable intervention before diseases advance and increases healthcare costs. Embedded in the vision of digital health is the goal of […]
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