James F. Jordan, MBA, CHT

James F. (Jim) Jordan is an active industry expert in healthcare and the life sciences. With a life-long passion for learning, Jim’s business accomplishments, combined with his academic achievements, enable him to apply his broad field of knowledge and experience to further understanding and foster success. A dynamic communicator, Jim is an active author, speaker, and consultant.

James F. Jordan is a healthcare and life sciences expert. He is a Distinguished Service Professor of Health Care and Biotechnology at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, the President of StraTactic, the National Co-Chairman of the BIO Bootcamp, and the Founder of the Healthcare Data Center. He has published numerous articles and books on innovation, startups, intellectual property, and health systems.

Jordan has been a senior executive for Fortune 100 companies and has participated in and led angel and venture capital investments. As CEO of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, where he worked with 493 companies and invested in 93 of them. Jim has held high-ranking positions in Fortune 100 companies such as McKesson Corporation, where he served as Senior Vice President, Johnson & Johnson, where he was Vice President for Marketing, and many other noteworthy ventures.

As an author, speaker, and consultant, he works with hospitals, health systems, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, and health IT; Jordan is an active industry expert looking for ways to improve the business of healthcare. This combined experience makes Jim a sought-after healthcare expert for reporters and the media.

Prior to joining the PLSG, Mr. Jordan served as Senior Vice President of a $3.0 billion division of McKesson Corporation, a leading distributor of healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products, and as a Vice President for Marketing at Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest consumer products and healthcare companies.  He has held a range of management positions in sales and marketing, operations, supply chain management, information technology, finance, and quality assurance with several Fortune 500 medical device companies, including C.R. Bard, Inc. and Boston Scientific, Inc.  Mr. Jordan has leveraged this experience in several start-up ventures and is active on several Boards of Directors, including the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association.

Mr. Jordan’s experience, which also includes consulting engagements with numerous companies such as Medtronic, Frost & Sullivan, Circuit City, Philip Morris, Northrop Grumman, Schwartz Pharmaceutical, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical, is documented in his book, titled Innovation, Commercialization, and Start-ups in Life Sciencespublished by CRC Press ©2015 by Taylor & Francis Group Ltd., which is available on Amazon.  This textbook details the necessary data, partnerships, and skills to be acquired and the constituencies that must be satisfied along the way to a successful exit.

Mr. Jordan previously served as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Robins School of Business at University of Richmond, where he taught Introduction to Managing Projects, Advanced Project Management, PMP Certification Test Preparation, and Project Risk Management.  Mr. Jordan joined Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy in 2005 and serves as Distinguished Service Professor of Health Care and Biotechnology Programs, and also as Strategic Board Chairman-Center for Healthcare Innovation.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Merrimack College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Boston University.

Most recently, Mr. Jordan co-authored The Intellectual Property Pyramid Assessment: A Novel Method for Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage, a new workbook and method designed to help individuals, companies, investors, and patent attorneys develop comprehensive IP strategies, assess the strength of existing IP portfolios, and create a significant competitive advantage.  The IP workbook is available on Amazon.

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