International Speaker

As an engaging and energetic speaker, Jim has been asked to speak on a wide spectrum of topics, including:

• Building an effective R&D – Marketing interface
• How to design an IP portfolio impervious to competitive advancement
• Defining exit triggers
• Leveraging partners to optimize company value
• How to build and effectively work with a Board of Directors

And recently Jim was a keynote speaker at Krupacon Pharma Conference in Bangalore, India, presenting on Trends in Innovation.

As national co-chair, keynote speaker, and session leader of the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, Jim has helped educate the managerial, scientific, and academic community about the necessary elements and the skills to transform technology and invention into a viable company. The Boot Camp was created by academia, is supported by industry, and was founded by Carnegie Mellon University & Wharton School Faculty.

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